Use the AD Bridge Cell Manager to Add a Cell

When you add a cell, you must attach it to an organizational unit (OU) in Active Directory.

To add a cell:

  1. In AD Bridge Cell Manager, right-click the top-level Cell Manager domain node, select New, and then click Cell.
  2. Select the OU to which you want to attach the cell.
  1. On the Cell Defaults page, select the following:
    • Default Home Directory: type the path for the home directory that you want to set for users in the cell. For example, /home/%D/%U.


When you set the home directory, you must use the default user name variable (%U). You can set the default domain name using the domain name variable (%D) but it is not required.

    • Default Login Shell: type the path to the default shell that you want to use. For example, /bin/ sh.
    • Enable Your User Account in the Cell: select to add your account to the cell.
  1. Select the Create Group Policy Object check box to create a GPO for the OU and configure the following settings as necessary:
    • Forward audit event to
    • Prepend default domain name to AD users and groups
    • Set group policy refresh interval
  1. Click Start.