Start the BeyondTrust Management Console

Depending on the options chosen during installation, the console can be started in the following ways:

  • Double-click the BeyondTrust Management Console shortcut.
  • Click Start > All Programs > BeyondTrust AD Bridge > BeyondTrust Enterprise Console.
  • At the command prompt, execute the following commands:
  • cd %ProgramFiles%\BeyondTrust\PBIS\Enterprise\iConsole.bmc

An image of the BeyondTrust Management Console Status page.

After you start the console, you can navigate to all other pages in the console, including the BeyondTrust AD Bridge Status page.


The BeyondTrust AD Bridge Status page displays the following information for the selected Active Directory forest. After you start the console, it may take a few moments to retrieve information about your domains.

  • BeyondTrust AD Bridge Version: The AD Bridge Enterprise version and build number. BeyondTrust technical support personnel may ask you for this information when you contact them for assistance.
  • Cell count: Displays the number of cells that are associated with organizational units in the selected domain, including the default cell.
  • Mode: Directory Integrated, Schemaless, or ID Range. Directory Integrated indicates that the selected forest is using the RFC 2307-compliant schema. Schemaless indicates that it is not. ID Range defines a range available to the domain; it is configurable at the forest root, via GPO, or locally, using the config tool.
  • Licenses Installed: Indicates if valid product licenses are deployed.