Configure Cell Settings for a Group

In Active Directory Users and Computers, you can configure AD Bridge cell settings for a group. You can configure a GID and group alias.

Administrative privileges are required to manage AD Bridge cell settings. Ensure you are logged on as a Domain Administrator, Enterprise Administrator, or you are assigned permissions. For more information, please see Assign Permissions to Manage AD Bridge Cells.

A cell must already be created.

  1. Start Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. In the console tree, right-click a group, and then click Properties.
  3. Click the AD Bridge Cell Settings tab.

An image of AD Bridge Cells group access configuration in AD Bridge.

  1. In the AD Bridge Cells section, select the check box for the cell that you want to provide the group access to.


  1. In the Group info for cell section, set the following:
    • GID: Click Suggest, or type a value in the GID box.
    • You can assign a group identifier (GID) to an Active Directory group by associating the group object with a cell and setting a GID value for the group object. The GID information that you enter is applied to all objects in the group. However, the settings are not applied to nested groups; you must apply the GID information to each group.

    • Group Alias: Set an alias for the group (Optional). The alias applies only within the cell.