Use the BeyondTrust Management Console to Find Orphaned Objects

You can use the BeyondTrust Management Console to find and remove orphaned objects. An orphaned object is a linked object, such as a Unix or Linux user ID or group ID, that remains in a cell after you delete a group or user's security identifier, or SID, from an Active Directory domain.

Removing orphaned objects from Active Directory can clean up manually assigned user IDs and improve search speed. We recommend that you remove orphaned objects before you use the migration tool with a domain that operates in Schemaless mode.

  1. In the BeyondTrust Management Console tree, expand Enterprise Console, and then click Diagnostics & Migration.
  2. From the Tasks list, click Find Orphaned Objects.
  3. Click Select Domains, select the domains that you want to scan, and then click OK.
  4. Click Begin Scan.
  5. To remove the objects that appear in the Orphaned objects to delete box, click Delete Objects.