Manage a License Key from the Command Line

Although we recommend that you manage licenses in the BeyondTrust Management Console, you can also manage a license locally from the command line on a Linux or Unix computer.

From the command line of an AD Bridge Enterprise client, you can check the computer's license, set a license key, release a license, and adjust the type of license that you want the computer to obtain.

For more information, run the following command:
/opt/pbis/bin/setkey-cli --help

Check the License Key

To view the license key that is installed on a Linux or Unix computer, execute the following command at the shell prompt:


A command to view the license key.

Here is an example:


Set a License Key

You can set a license key for the AD Bridge Enterprise agent by using the command line. You should, however, use this method of setting a key only when there is no licensing container in Active Directory and you want the agent to verify the license locally.

To set a license key, run the following command as root, replacing LicenseKeyNumber with a valid license key number:

/opt/pbis/bin/setkey-cli --key LicenseKeyNumber

If there is a license container in Active Directory, you can only use --key to assign available keys from the license container. In this scenario, --key cannot be used to apply an additional license. Check for available licenses from Active Directory.

Release a License Key

When you decommision a computer, you can release a computer's license so it can be used by another computer. When you release a permanent license key, it is replaced by a temporary evaluation license.

You can also release a license to apply a different permanent license to the computer.

/opt/pbis/bin/setkey-cli --release

Change the Type of License

You can change the type of license that the computer obtains when it connects to Active Directory by executing the following command as root, replacing typeOfLicense with either workstation or server.

/opt/pbis/bin/setkey-cli --key-preference typeOfLicense

If the license type you set is unavailable the non-preferred type is obtained.