Delete an AD Bridge License Key from Active Directory

When you rename or remove a domain from Active Directory, you might also need to delete AD Bridge Enterprise license keys from Active Directory. If you rename an Active Directory domain, you must obtain new license keys from BeyondTrust.

Licenses are provided on a per-domain basis; domain licenses apply only to the fully qualified domain name or child domain to which they were issued.

  1. In the BeyondTrust Management Console, expand Enterprise Console, and then click License Management.
  2. In the list of licenses, under Key, right-click the license that you want to delete and then click Delete.

If you inadvertently delete a license, you can restore it by importing the license file that contains it.

Release a License from the Domain

To leave a domain and free up a license on the Active Directory side, use the following:

/opt/pbis/bin/domainjoin-cli leave --deleteAccount 

The credentials provided will be the same as the credentials provided to join the domain.