Install the Collectors with the Database Utilities Package

Use the database utilities package (ADBridgeDBUtilities.msi) to install the following collectors to your data collection server:

  • BTCollector: Contains RPC server code to enable the agent's forwarding service, eventfwd, to upload events to the database server by using secure, authenticated transport protocols. BTCollector runs as a Windows autostart service and can be managed from the command line.
  • BTEventDBReaper: Copies events from the collector server to the central database. The process runs as a Windows auto-start service and can be managed from the command line. BTEventDBReaper depends on BTCollector to function properly: If BTCollector is not running, BTEventDBReaper will fail.

In a network with only a few computers or for testing, you can install the collectors on the same server as the AD Bridge Enterprise database.

  1. Run the AD Bridge Enterprise Database Utilities installer program (ADBridgeDBUtilities-x.x.x.x.msi) in C:\Program Files\BeyondTrust\PBIS\Enterprise or on your AD Bridge Enterprise installation media).

    Follow the instructions in the installer. Install all the database tools listed in the installer.

  2. In the Database Provider Library box, enter the following string:


  3. In the Connection String box, enter the following string, where DBSERVERNAME is the name of the server running SQL Server and containing the Enterprise database.

    The Initial Catalog clause identifies the database to use while Integrated Security=True specifies that Windows authentication should be used when connecting to the database server.

    Data Source=DBSERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=LikewiseEnterprise;Integrated Security=True


    Data Source=W2K12-R2\SQL;Initial Catalog=LikewiseEnterprise;Integrated Security=True
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Install.

Set the Start Order for Collector Processes

If the collectors are installed on the same machine as the database, the collector services (BTCollector and BTEventDBReaper) must start after the Microsoft SQL Engine. BTCollector must start before BTEventDBReaper.

For more information on setting dependencies for system services, please see CreateServiceA function.

For an example of how to create a service dependency, please see Delaying Startup Services.