Recommended Configuration Settings

Outlined below are some recommended configurations for the collector service through the BeyondTrust Management Console. These settings can be adjusted to meet network requirements and the number of collectors and endpoints.

This section assumes the BeyondTrust Management Console and the following AD Bridge Enterprise components are installed: Reporting Components, Database Update and Management Tools, and Operations Dashboard.

Configure Performance Settings on the Collector Service

To change the parameters on the Collector service:

  1. In the console tree, expand Enterprise Database Management.
  2. An image of the Set collector parameters menu option in Enterprise Database Management.

  3. Right-click Collector Status, and then select Set collector parameters.
  4. Alternatively, in the list of collectors, right-click the collector that you want to modify, and then select Set collector parameters.


Collector Performance Settings in AD Bridge

  1. Set the following parameters (or use the default values):
    • Period (seconds): 15
    • Maximum events per period: 5000

    Endpoint Parameters

    • Period (seconds): 10
    • Maximum events per period: 1000
    • Events per batch: 250


For more info including detailed descriptions on the performance parameters, please see Configure the Collector Service.