Use the macOS Config Tool in AD Bridge

Command Name Description
AllowAdministrationBy Allows Active Directory users to be set as local admins without setting the permission via group policy. Local entries are overwritten unless users set the enablemergeadmins config option.
Sets a computer to use a local home directory path. When a user with a home folder connection defined in Active Director logs in, the connection is created in the dock under /Network/Servers/homefoldername. The default value is 0.
EnableMergeAdmins Preserves members of the admin group who are defined locally but are not defined in the AllowAdministrationBy setting. The default value is false.
UncProtocolForHomeLocation Enables use of the UNC protocol for a home directory. This setting is used with the UseADUncForHomeLocation to connect to network servers. The default value is smb.

Connects the computer to the network share defined in the Active Directory user account. The UNC path is converted to SMB protocol when the target file server is running Windows or AFP protocol when the target file server is running macOS.

If the setting for forcing the home directory on the startup disk is enabled, the UNC path is used to create a folder in the user's dock, and the home directory is set to the user's local home directory path.

The default value is false.