Software Components in AD Bridge

There are two installation packages that you need to install AD Bridge:

  • Management tools for Active Directory: Install on a Windows computer that connects to an Active Directory domain controller.
  • Agent: Install on a Linux or Unix computer to connect it to Active Directory.


Component Function


  • Runs on a Linux or Unix computer to connect it to Active Directory with the AD Bridge command-line interface or GUI.
  • Communicates with an Active Directory domain controller to authenticate and authorize users and groups with the AD Bridge Identity Service.
  • Pulls and refreshes policy settings by using the Group Policy service, which is included only with the AD Bridge agent.

AD Bridge Console

  • Runs on a Windows administrative workstation that connects to an Active Directory domain controller to help manage Linux and Unix computers in Active Directory.
  • Migrates users, checks status, and generates reports.

MMC Snap-Ins for ADUC and GPMC

  • Extends Active Directory Users and Computers to include Unix and Linux users.
  • With AD Bridge, it also extends the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to include Linux or Unix Group Policy settings as well as a way to target them at specific platforms.

Cell Manager

A snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console to manage cells associated with Active Directory Organizational Units.

Reporting Database

Stores security events and access logs for compliance reports.

Operations Dashboard

A management application, or plug-in, for the BeyondTrust Management Console. The dashboard retrieves information from the AD Bridge reporting database to display authentication transactions, authorization requests, network events, and other security events that take place on AD Bridge clients.