Automatically Join an Agent to a Domain

The following sections show you how to prepare a computer account and automate the domain join process.

Create a Computer Account in Active Directory

  1. Using Active Directory Users and Computers, create a Computer account in your preferred OU.
  2. The Computer Name must be configured to correctly match the AD Bridge agent hostname.

New Object - Computer

  1. Check the Assign this computer account as a pre-Windows 2000 computer box to assign this computer a password which is based on the new computer name.


Select Write access and Reset Password Access

  1. Select the permissions: Write access and Reset Password access.


Run a Domain Join Script on the Agent

On the AD Bridge agent host, create a script that will run after a reboot (for example, a cron job) and will run the following command:

/opt/pbis/bin/domainjoin-cli join <YOUR_DOMAIN> `hostname -s`$ `hostname -s`