Install AD Bridge on Solaris 11

This section is intended for administrators installing AD Bridge Enterprise to Solaris targets.

What's New with the AD Bridge Solaris 11 Installer

There are two ways to install Solaris 11:

  • Traditional shell script using the legacy SVR4 packaging mechanism.
  • IPS repository install using Oracle's preferred IPS packaging mechanism

There is a p5p file that can be uploaded to your local IPS repository.

In earlier versions of AD Bridge, BeyondTrust provided certain files on the ISO image. In AD Bridge version 10.0 and later, an ISO image is no longer created.The CreateLikewiseEnterpriseDatabase.sql script is now installed with the ADBridgeDBUtilities* package and is located in:
C:\Program Files\BeyondTrust\PBIS\Enterprise\DBUtilities\Resources

Upload the Packages with the P5P file

If using the pkgrecv command.


pkgrecv –s ./<ARCH>.p5p –d <repository> adbridge.<ARCH>

Confirm the Package Added to Repository

Verify that the AD Bridge Enterprise package with publisher BeyondTrust has been added to the repository:

>pkgrepo list –s <repository>

Install the Agent in Solaris 11 Zones

After the files are uploaded to the local IPS repository and the global zone can access the IPS repository, then non-global zones can also access the repository.

In the zone, run the following IPS package command:

pkg install ADBridge\*