Install the Agent on Unix from the Command Line

Install the AD Bridge agent on Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX by using a shell script that contains a self-extracting executable, an SFX installer with a file name that ends in sh.


The examples shown here are for Solaris Sparc systems. For other Unix platforms, use the correct installer name.

The name of a Unix installer for AD Bridge on installation media might be truncated to an eight-character file name with an extension. For example, is the truncated version of

To view a list of command-line options, run the following command:

./ --help
  1. Download or copy the installer to the computer desktop.
  2. Change directories to the desktop.
  3. As root, change the mode of the installer to executable:
    chmod a+x
  4. As root, run the installer:
  5. Follow the instructions in the installer.