Supported Platforms for AD Bridge

AD Bridge Enterprise runs on a broad range of Linux or Unix platforms. BeyondTrust frequently adds new vendors and distributions.

SELinux Support

The AD Bridge Enterprise SELinux implementation supports the following operating systems:

  • Fedora 13 - Fedora 17
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS versions 6.x - 8.x

When you install on RedHat Enterprise Linux, AD Bridge runs under the unconfined_t domain (as of 8.3.4).

The AD Bridge post install script checks if /usr/sbin/semodule and /etc/selinux/targeted/policy are present. If both checks pass, the targeted policy file (pbis.pp) will get installed if found in /opt/pbis/share/<os>/<version>/pbis.pp.

Unsupported Operating Systems

If SELinux is enabled and you are installing to an unsupported operating system, the installation is stopped. You must place SELinux in permissive mode to continue.

  • SELinux enabled is only detected with the RPM package.
  • SELinux enabled is not detected with the self-extracting installer or domainjoin.

For more information, please see Configure SELinux in AD Bridge.