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Featuring renowned hacker, enterprise security MVP, and named by SC Magazine as one of the Top "Women to Watch” in security

It’s an abysmal, egregious security malpractice, yet, in the real world passwords are routinely reused. Even more worrisome—these passwords are frequently reused across an individual’s regular account and their administrative accounts (think network devices, backup solutions, etc). If you could create a matrix displaying the passwords by person versus the services where this password is reused, the results would be viscerally unsettling to enterprise security teams. In this highly anticipated webinar Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO of CQURE, cybersecurity expert, and pen tester, shares a story about “the little password that could”, how it ended up in a place where it shouldn’t, and how its reuse imperiled the solvency of an entire organization. Tune in and discover how to:

  • Extract passwords from various solutions for the purpose of password reuse verification
  • Perform dictionary attacks against certain solutions
  • Uncover the password / hash duplicates in the NTDS.dit
  • Apply password security best practices with consistency and scale to help prevent password reused and other attacks