BeyondTrust | Was ist Bomgar Privileged Access Management?

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Video Transcript

Every day, Data Center Operations teams, IT administrators, business users, and remote vendors access critical systems on your network.

These users need privileged access to do their jobs. But because this is administrative access, your organization must protect it at all cost.

Unfortunately, users with access to privileged accounts often share passwords for remote access tools, use remote tools with known vulnerabilities, or compromise firewall settings to enable remote connections.

As recent breaches have shown, each of these practices makes your network more vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

How do you keep privileged accounts secure without hindering the critical work these users need to do?

Bomgar Privileged Access Management.

Bomgar Privileged Access Management allows you to extend remote connection protocols like RDP and SSH beyond the LAN without compromising security. Encryption guards each connection.

Bomgar lets you apply granular access controls. You can require notification and authorization for privileged access, so that privileged users always have approval before connecting.

Define what endpoints users can access, schedule when they can access them, and limit their access to certain applications.

A dashboard allows you to monitor sessions in real time. You can even take over, terminate, or transfer sessions in progress.

And for sessions where you can't monitor in real time, you can always search session transcripts, video recordings, screen sharing, and shell activity to find an event or action of interest.

In addition to allowing dual control to prevent unauthorized access, Bomgar allows multiple users to collaborate from within a session, sharing the same session and the exact same screen. Collaboration makes your users more efficient and productive.

Privileged users can experience desktop-quality access from an iPad, iPhone, or Android device! You can even monitor user activity from your iPad.

And you don’t have to re-architect your network to deploy Bomgar.
Bomgar enables remote access without VPN tunneling, port-forwarding, or firewall configuration changes.

You can deploy Bomgar with or without an endpoint agent. And you don't have to have a shared password account management solution in order to manage privileged sessions. That means users don’t have to drastically change how they work.

Bomgar integrates with your current systems, including change management, password management, and SIEM solutions. And you can manage privileged users with Active Directory or LDAP secure.

Bomgar Privileged Access Management: Control access. Improve productivity. Strengthen security.

Bomgar Privileged Access ermöglicht Sicherheitsexperten die Kontrolle, Überwachung und Verwaltung von Zugriffen auf wichtige Systeme durch berechtigte Mitarbeiter, Vertragspartner und Drittanbieter.

Mit Firewall-Schutz, aber ohne VPN, erlaubt Ihnen Bomgar Privileged Access die Bereitstellung und Vereinfachung des Remote-Zugangs ohne Beeinträchtigung der Sicherheit. Eine geringere Anzahl von VPN-Verbindungen bedeutet auch eine kleinere Angriffsfläche für Hacker, die in Ihr Netzwerk eindringen können. Sehen Sie sich das Video an um mehr über Bomgar Privileged Access Management zu erfahren. (Video und Transcript auf Englisch)