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The Role:

The Analyst Relations Director at BeyondTrust is a visionary leadership role, crafted for an individual who possesses deep analytical skills, curiosity about our solutions, and the ability to independently handle Tier 2 and Tier 3 surveys. This role is central to developing and executing a comprehensive global strategy for engaging with key industry analysts from top-tier firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole while ensuring accurate positioning of BeyondTrust solution leadership with Tier 2 and Tier 3 firms as well. Your expertise, initiative, strategic approach, and resourcefulness will be fundamental in enhancing BeyondTrust’s visibility, market leadership, and innovation across the cybersecurity space.

In this high-impact position, you will not only be responsible for shaping the narrative in influential analyst reports, such as Magic Quadrants, Waves, and Leadership Compass reports but also for conducting post-MQ analysis to identify areas of improvement and translating these findings into actionable strategies. The role involves a significant degree of autonomy and requires a proactive, self-motivated individual who can effectively collaborate with internal teams across Executive Leadership, Marketing, Product, and Sales to develop and implement a unified analyst communications strategy.

This role is about leading the Analyst Relations function and being a key driver of BeyondTrust's overall success in the market. The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker, an effective communicator, a dynamic leader, and someone who is naturally curious with an in-depth understanding of our solutions.

What You’ll Do:

  • Lead Strategic Analyst Engagement: Forge and maintain pivotal relationships with industry analysts, ensuring BeyondTrust is top-of-mind and accurately represented in the analyst community.
  • Deep Analytical Skills for Post MQ Analysis: Utilize strong analytical abilities to interpret MQ results, understand their nuances, and turn insights into strategic actions.
  • Curiosity and In-depth Understanding of Our Solutions: Demonstrate a genuine interest in understanding and delving deeper into our solutions, which is crucial for credibility and effective communication with product management.
  • Independently Handle Tier 2 and Tier 3 Surveys: Use the MQ survey as a base to handle Tier 2 and Tier 3 surveys independently, ensuring consistent messaging and reducing workload on other teams.
  • Resourcefulness and Initiative: Seek opportunities to streamline processes, alleviate burdens on other teams, and introduce innovative ideas.
  • Strong Collaboration and Communication Skills: Collaborate seamlessly with various internal teams and maintain strong relationships with external analysts.
  • Influence Key Reports: Shape analyst perceptions and reports, positioning BeyondTrust favorably in industry evaluations and publications.
  • Drive Market Intelligence: Analyze insights from analyst interactions to guide strategic company decisions, staying ahead of market trends and competitive dynamics.
  • Facilitate Internal Alignment: Lead internal teams in crafting and delivering a consistent message to the analyst community, enhancing our market positioning.
  • Strategize with Feedback: Integrate analyst feedback into our business strategies, influencing key decisions in product development and marketing.
  • Content Leadership: Develop and oversee content for analyst presentations and reports, ensuring they align with our strategic objectives and market position.
  • Measure and Report Impact: Track the effectiveness of AR activities, using metrics to demonstrate their impact on BeyondTrust's market standing and business goals.
  • Manage Crisis Situations: Provide decisive leadership in times of crisis, safeguarding BeyondTrust’s reputation in the analyst and broader market.
  • Budget Oversight: Exercise strategic control over the AR budget, maximizing the function’s effectiveness and ROI.
  • Expand Professional Networks: Cultivate a robust network within the analyst community, leveraging these relationships for BeyondTrust's strategic advantage.

What You’ll Bring:

  • Proven Track Record in Industry: Over 7 years of experience in a leadership role within B2B cybersecurity technology analyst relations, public relations, or product marketing.
  • Deep Analytical Skills for Post MQ Analysis: Possesses strong analytical abilities, particularly for post-Magic Quadrant (MQ) analysis. This involves not just interpreting the results but understanding the nuances behind them, identifying areas of improvement, and translating these findings into actionable strategies.
  • Curiosity and In-depth Understanding of Our Solutions: Curiosity is essential. Must a genuine interest in understanding our solutions to help dig deeper in analyst inquiry, build credibility with product management and complete tier 2 and 3 analyst reports.
  • Ability to Independently Handle Tier 2 and Tier 3 Surveys: Handling Tier 2 and Tier 3 surveys independently, using the MQ survey as a base. Assuring consistency in our messaging across different surveys and reducing the workload on our Product Management and Product Marketing teams.
  • Resourcefulness and Initiative: The ideal candidate should be resourceful, taking the initiative to go beyond the typical role expectations. This includes seeking opportunities to streamline processes, alleviate the burden on other teams, and bring innovative ideas to the table.
  • Strong Collaboration and Communication Skills: Lastly, the ability to collaborate seamlessly with various teams and communicate effectively both internally and externally is crucial. This role demands someone who can build and maintain strong relationships, both within the company and with external analysts.

Nice To Have:

  • Outstanding verbal, written, and presentation skills.
  • Strong program and relationship management capabilities.
  • Ability to independently handle multiple tasks and projects with precision.

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