BeyondTrust's global Technical Support Team are dedicated to solving technical challenges and delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction to drive customer success.

Due to continued investment in the business our fast growing team in APJ is looking for an Engineer who is passionate about technology and continual learning to act as a trusted advisor to customers who utilize our cyber security solutions. This role will give you an opportunity to build expertise in numerous cutting-edge technologies and to accelerate your career towards customer facing technical roles.

What Will You Do?

BeyondTrust is seeking a Technical Support Engineer to work in our Asia/Pacific region. In this role you will be responsible for the following:

  • Manage customer communication and expectations
  • Provide phone, email and chat Support to assigned accounts
  • Provide troubleshooting and debugging of customer problems
  • Transition product issues to Engineering and product enhancements to Product Management, tracking status to the customer regularly
  • Escalate critical issues and roadblocks to the next tier of Support
  • Be part of the on call rotation for the assigned product team

What experience is required?

  • Experience of working in a Technical Support Engineer position with external customers
  • Proficiency at the use of a system editor such as Vi or Emacs (Vi preferred as this is the available editor by default)
  • Proficiency at shell scripting, and familiarity with scripting languages like Perl, Python, TCL, Expect, and others
  • Experience with network configuration and troubleshooting issues
  • Experience with general Unix/Linux administration especially regarding how a process can get started as a service, Name Services, and PAM
  • Experience with Kerberos, SSL, LDAP, Active Directory, and web server configuration, trouble shooting, and interpretation of diagnostic messages
  • Strong dedication to customer care
  • Strong team interaction skills
  • Ability to understand and analyze customer technical needs
  • Ability to participate, contribute and interact with cross-functional teams

Desired skills:

  • Experience with C 
  • Experience with Kernel system calls
  • Experience with system administration tasks related to application configuration, Unix/Linux security, Windows, File System types and ACLs, OS Capabilities, and SELinux
  • Understanding of strace, ltrace, pstack, and other instrumenting tools to monitor a process
  • Understanding of Java tools like keytool to manage SSL certs in Java, curl and/or wget to be able to interact with a PBUL REST agent
  • Experience with general SQL language and RDMBS concepts

Why BeyondTrust?

Our Singapore office is based at Great Wold City and offers a dynamic and collaborative workspace for our employees. What truly makes BeyondTrust special are the people – people who keep the culture strong and make working here exciting, rewarding and ultimately fun!

Part of our package comprises of Cigna healthcare and this position is eligible for a company related annual bonus.

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About BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM), empowering organizations to secure and manage their entire universe of privileges.  Our integrated products and platform offer the industry's most advanced PAM solution, enabling organizations to quickly shrink their attack surface across traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments.

The BeyondTrust Universal Privilege Management approach secures and protects privileges across passwords, endpoints, and access, giving organizations the visibility and control they need to reduce risk, achieve compliance, and boost operational performance.  We are trusted by 20,000 customers, including 70 percent of the Fortune 500, and a global partner network. Learn more at

A Note on Covid-19

It’s paramount that you feel safe and secure throughout our hiring process and, if successful, as you onboard into the business. In response to the current Covid-19 pandemic, whilst the majority of our offices remain open, we are recommending that our employees work from home where possible. All of our interviews are taking place virtually over Microsoft Teams or Zoom and we are onboarding all-new global hires on a remote basis.

We understand that the world of work is evolving and we are a company that prides itself on our adaptability and ability to provide an inclusive and flexible environment that embraces all team members regardless of whether they are based in one of our offices or at home.


"Our team is very focused on communication and collaboration, enabling us to learn from each other’s experience, skill sets and talents. We’re passionate and always ready to help each other."

Daniel, Sales, Frankfurt, Germany

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