Due to tremendous growth in demand for our cloud based management platform for our PAM cyber security products, our Manchester office currently has an exciting opportunity for a Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer to join the team.

You will work collaboratively across development, professional services and support, delivering class leading security products in the privilege management and application control space. Specifically, you will lead Devops support for the IC3 management platform development team in delivering their product as a SaaS solution.

You will take ownership of the build/delivery pipeline and collaborate with the development team to deliver a full Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline.

You will be a highly effective communicator, with the ability to work effectively as part of a cross functional team. You will be proficient in defining solutions, coaching and negotiating as required to deliver on the product vision.

You will leverage your cloud and SaaS knowledge and rapidly assimilate deep product knowledge, enabling you to advise the team on ongoing product and deployment process improvements for all delivery platforms, but with a primary focus on SaaS.


Essential, Experience & Attributes



Persuasive Communication: The ability to express oneself well, to influence others and to negotiate effectively

Developing Others: Successfully inspire confidence in others. Are prepared to devote time and energy to the growth of their protégés, have the tact and sensitivity to deal with development needs, and have the optimism to expect positive outcomes.

Managing Change: Takes responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to ensure that change is successfully implemented, with objectives achieved on time and within budget. Achievement orientated, organised, comfortable challenging procedures, possess appropriate people skills and be committed to the values of the business.

Resilience: Ability to cope under stress and remain calm under pressure. Confident without seeming arrogant; has the ability to not take things personally and will discuss contrary views objectively.

Flexibility: Has a capacity to cope with the expected. Appreciate when traditional approaches no longer work and may be due for a review. Recognise the need for re-organisation, whether they are a proponent or are on the receiving end of change.

Delegating: Effectively selecting suitable individuals to delegate to.  Is able to let go of cherished responsibilities and appreciates the capability of others and their need to be set appropriate challenges.

Interpersonal Skills: Possesses interpersonal sensitivity and the ability to appreciate another person’s motivational and emotional needs.  Regardless of professional level, able to develop effective relationships with others both within and beyond their own area of responsibility. Will diffuse conflict and create harmonious relationships.

Independence: Forthright in expressing their views, and unafraid to make unpopular decisions in a way that takes into consideration the sensitivities of others.

Decision Making: Achieves the correct balance between risk taking and unnecessary risk. Resourceful and confident in their own abilities in order to deal calmly with problems, choices and uncertainty.  Ensures they are adequately informed on all issues and to be rational in their judgements.