Wynn Secures Privileged Access & Manages Vulnerabilities with BeyondTrust

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With multiple verticals — gaming, hospitality, and more — represented across Wynn, the organization needed flexible solutions that could protect the many different parts of the business, while allowing employees to securely do their jobs. Wynn Chief Information Security Officer, David Tyburski, discusses how BeyondTrust enables Wynn to optimize privileged access management (PAM) across the diverse business, enforce least privilege (to minimize risk from phishing and other end user exploits), and manage privileged passwords according to best practices. Also, learn how Wynn uses BeyondTrust solutions to manage vulnerabilities and to stay compliant with regulations, such as PCI-DSS.

A Wynn garante acesso privilegiado e gerencia vulnerabilidades com a BeyondTrust

Chris Burd