Windows 8, Microsoft's latest operating system is out today, and I'm pretty excited. While there have been some thoughtful and mixed reviews for it, the consensus at least has been that Microsoft seems to be thinking outside of its usual bounds.

In case there are early adopters among the many Bomgar users, I wanted to highlight the compatibility statement put out by our product engineers earlier this month. You can read about Windows support here, and the full statement about Windows 8 compatibility over at the changelog.

But in summary, Bomgar works with Windows 8. 

Here's a preview of Bomgar supporting a system running Windows 8, courtesy of one of our friendly QA members.

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From the Windows® 8 Compatibility Statement
Read the entire compatibility statement here ...

Bomgar has taken every opportunity to test our software with each available pre-release of Windows® 8 as well as with the recently released Release to Manufacturer (RTM) version. We are glad to report that our testing thus far has yielded a solid experience very near to that of running Bomgar on Windows® 7.

Bomgar will officially support the final public release of Windows® 8 in the upcoming Bomgar 12.2.4 and 12.3.1 releases, which are scheduled for November availability. Bomgar will also certify Windows® 8 against the next maintenance release of our 12.3 series that follows the October 26 Windows® 8 release date.

Happy upgrading!