retina vulnerability managementEditors note: This is the fourth in a four-part series of blogs summarizing why customers choose Retina to solve their vulnerability management challenges, stemming from the study of our customer base that BeyondTrust commissioned in early 2015. The previous blogs focused on reporting visibility and remediation, efficiency and enterprise scalability. One of my favorite rappers coined a phrase ‘Mo’ money, Mo’ problems.’ When IT security administrators hear it, I bet they say ‘mo’ servers, mo’ problems.’ As I mentioned in my previous blog about enterprise scalability, enterprises grow like weed gardens. With that kind of growth comes the unintended consequence of diminished server and application hygiene. As infrastructure complexity increases and the time between major exploits decreases, IT administrators often cannot maintain equal amount of vigilance in data and asset security. Further, most vulnerability management solutions work well with on-premise assets but not with the cloud, virtual and mobile environments that have grown in popularity over the last few years. The risks of coverage gaps are serious: An unpatched system is open to malware. Not discovering, prioritizing and fixing smartphone security weaknesses could lead to a damaging data leak. Not tracking virtual machines means you can’t determine the security state of the virtual machine. retina differenceThe BeyondTrust solutions for vulnerability management cover all of these scenarios. In a survey of more than 80 customers conducted by TechValidate, the overwhelming majority of those customers indicated that BeyondTrust Retina CS reduced their security exposure by at least 25%. Customers indicated that Retina’s zero-gap platform coverage was a competitive differentiator versus other options in the vulnerability management market. This differentiator was important to VCU Health System, a leading research hospital and medical center in Virginia, who was looking to:
  • Scan remote assets or other offline/air-gapped systems
  • Profile previously unknown assets on the network
  • Understand the operational implications of vulnerabilities
  • Report risk to IT administrators, management and auditors
  • Identify and prioritize remediation tactics
  • Patch/Update assets with greater efficiency
In the words of Peter Ring, systems administrator, "Retina has given us a security view we had never had. We use it extensively on all of our servers, both in the DMZ and internal. We also use it on any external servers we are responsible for." Retina CS provides zero-gap coverage, discovering and assessing any IT resource in the organization including network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructures. For customers, it means they get peace of mind knowing our solution reduces risk by ensuring that no assets are left unprotected. Need more proof? Check out Retina CS’ platform coverage, including network vulnerability assessments, cloud vulnerability assessments, virtual environment scanning, web application vulnerability assessments, and mobile device scanning. If you want to read more about what our customers say about Retina CS, download the white paper.