blog-the-retina-difference-2Editors note: This is the second in a four-part series of blogs summarizing why customers choose Retina to solve their vulnerability management challenges, stemming from the study of our customer base that BeyondTrust commissioned in early 2015. The previous blog focused on reporting visibility and remediation. Watch for more in this series. According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition of ‘efficient’ is - ef·fi·cient [iˈfiSHənt] – ADJECTIVE. Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Used in a sentence - "Retina is efficient at detecting and remediating vulnerabilities." Efficiency is quickly becoming an overused ‘marketing buzzword’, appearing in ads and blogs (like this one) with the purpose of making readers like you feel confident that this solution will make you more productive while using less time and energy. Most IT security professionals see right through this claim. So, if a product actually delivers some efficiency, the immediate questions become, “How much?” and “How defined?” In vulnerability management, efficiency is measured by rates of detection, rates of false positives, and rates of remediation. IT teams gauge a vulnerability management solution’s efficiency by whether it helps them quickly find and remediate the most critical instances. In a survey of more than 80 customers conducted in partnership with TechValidate, those customers indicated that the vulnerability management efficiency increases gained by using BeyondTrust Retina were a competitive differentiator. This differentiator was important to BMC, the global software solutions company, who was looking to:blog-retina-difference-2
  • Reduce the risk of security breaches
  • Shrink the attack surface
  • Reduce security data overload
  • Meet compliance regulations and tighten operational practices
  • Integrate with other solutions
In the words of Saurabh Verma, Security Officer, “BeyondTrust Retina has made our security lives pretty comfortable as it’s a one stop solution for us as we scan, detect, and patch vulnerabilities effortlessly. Kudos to BeyondTrust Retina.” Retina CS addresses every phase of the vulnerability management lifecycle – from assessment to remediation – eliminating the need for multiple, sometimes overlapping, solutions to address vulnerability management risks. All BeyondTrust vulnerability management solutions are included in the BeyondInsight IT Risk Management platform for unified reporting, analytics, policy and management across the environment. This approach helps organizations achieve operational efficiency and realize cost savings. Interested in making your IT security organization more efficient? Check out the sample vulnerability management policy to help guide the maturity of your vulnerability management program. If you want to read more about what our customers say about Retina CS, download the white paper.