Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of blogs summarizing why customers choose PowerBroker to solve their privileged account management challenges, stemming from the study of our customer base that BeyondTrust commissioned in early 2015. The previous blogs focused on flexible deployment options, low total cost of ownership and better security context. Watch for more in this series. The old maxim holds true: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. This holds especially true in the very dynamic world of IT security where threats, exploits and vulnerabilities come at you relentlessly from both outside and inside your organization. And since a privilege problem tends to involve more than one department in the organization, our customers want solutions that cross silos and satisfy the reporting, auditing and management needs of multiple stakeholders from operations to security to compliance. Our customers have put a premium on visibility, as security and IT operations teams alike need the best data available to make informed decisions. BeyondTrust delivers on this. powerbroker-difference-4 This differentiator was important for a large energy company who was looking to secure and automate the process of managing and cycling privileged passwords, eliminate sharing, log, audit and report on privileged activities, and replace sudo. They turned to BeyondTrust. In the words of Dave Bertram, IT Systems Analyst, "PowerBroker allowed us to have single point of accountability and the ability to keystroke log activities to understand every day uses. The ability to do forensic analysis of incidents helps hold our admins accountable for their actions." Reporting that cross organizational boundaries. Deep analytics that helps get to the heart of the problem. PowerBroker at its best. BeyondTrust provides a privileged account management solution that delivers deep and detailed reporting for multiple stakeholders, the visibility and insights to mitigate security and compliance concerns and tighten up operational practices. The BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform provides security and IT operations teams a single view of all assets and user activity. With behavioral analytics to understand anomalies, reporting to satisfy security, operations and auditors alike, and the ability to export data to other security solutions, BeyondInsight reduces risks while helping to maximize the value of existing security investments. Our solutions incorporate relevant security data – available exploits, risky privileged activity, vulnerable systems and applications, compliance requirements, mitigations etc. – to help you drive better, more informed security decisions. Interested in learning more about how PowerBroker can meet the requirements of your privileged account management project? Contact us today. If you are interested in learning more about all of the PowerBroker differences, check out the free white paper. Or, sample some of the great reports we provide in our solutions. Author: Scott Lang | Senior Director, Product Marketing