Even though they’re regularly saving the day by keeping customers, employees and systems up and running, tech support professionals are often the unsung company heroes.  And what better line up of super heroes to compare them to than the popular The Avengers?  Below I’ve imagined what Avengers strengths and weaknesses would be if they were really support professionals.  Now the question is which one are you? Or even more fun, which one is the person sitting next to you?  wink

iron-man.jpgIron Man – You’ve got moves and you know it.  Heck, just like Iron Man can save his own life by creating a magnetic field generator and armored power suit, you can rescue systems from decimation and infuse life into them again with your bare hands and mad computer skills.  You don’t always follow the book when it comes to solving end-user problems. But why should you? You’re ahead of your time. You’re an inventor – a creator, using the power of technology to battle outside threats, like never ending virus invasions similar to never ending waves of Chitauri invaders.  Sure, you’ve got a little bit of an ego, but it’s warranted.  You know everything there is to know about all kinds of technology.  In fact, your home technology could put a lot of this office issued stuff to shame. And your knowledge extends beyond mere technology to subjects such as science, business and even cars, meaning you actually fit in with other departments, like Sales (collective “ooooo”).  Despite being a bit over the top at times, you keep your eye on the goal and helping to resolve problems.  Despite your one-man-show attitude, when it comes down to it, just like Iron Man would take a nuclear missile through a space portal, you’d take one for the team. And let’s admit it, for a tech guy, you’re pretty good looking.

hulk.jpgThe Hulk – So, you aren’t the first person the boss comes to when he wants the job done, but you’re indispensable nonetheless. Cause when it comes down to an impossible situation – a system that can’t be fixed, a virus that can’t be destroyed, a client that can’t be reasoned with – you do the only thing that can be done. You smash it. Whether that means pulling a plug, wiping out a hard drive or hanging up a phone, you bring the suspense to an end with pure, brutal force. True, you don’t have all the training, the know-how, the “smarts” and let’s face it, your temper is a little volatile – okay, scary – causing co-workers to tiptoe around you. But in the end, truth be told, your support team would never make it without you.  Someone’s gotta do the dirty work. And hey, nothing wrong with your co-workers having a little healthy fear of you in the meantime, right?

captain-america.jpgCaptain America – You’re the epitome of a born leader.  You play by the rules, you desire peace and you have a low tolerance for petty fights.  When you look at a situation and the resources on hand, you know how to orchestrate them for efficiency and success.  You see team members’ strengths and you know where they can help the most.  If you aren’t already an IT manager or team leader, you’re probably on your way to becoming one.  You might be a little older than the rest of the team, and you don’t necessarily know everything there is to know about technology.  In fact, you might even be a little behind (although hopefully you haven’t been on ice for over 70 years, cause then I really don’t think there’s a future for you in technology). But your ability to remain cool in stressful situations and to bring your team together sets you apart.  In short, you’re a soldier.

black-widow.jpgBlack Widow – Look around.  Like the super heroes boy club, you’re the only female in the IT support department. That explains a lot.  Not only are you tough enough to hang with the boys, but you’re good enough at what you do to make them respect you.  And by golly, you can be persuasive.  When it comes to customers or fellow employees, your emotional intuitiveness allows you to be effective in a way your teammates just can’t.   This asset can be a temptation when it comes to meeting your goals and cashing in on others’ weaknesses, but a strong sense of debt and loyalty make you a very effective teammate…at least to those guys who don’t get on your bad side.

thor.jpgThor  - You might be the “Thor” of the support team if you’re A) incredibly ripped, unbelievably strong and part god or B) you’ve got company loyalty out the wazzoo. If it’s A, you might want to consider a career in WWF.  I’m gonna assume it’s B.  This means you’re a huge asset to your team as someone who’s always looking out for the ever important company image.  If an end-user has an issue, you go out of your way to make sure it’s rectified to keep the company honor intact.  And your loyalty doesn’t stop there.  You look out for your own, sometimes even taking responsibility for their mistakes.  None of this is to forget that you’re also good at what you do.  In fact, you will call down lightning from heaven to make sure support issues are uncovered and destroyed.  After all, it’s what you were born to do. It is your calling. It is your destiny.

hawkeye.jpgHawkeye – You are “The World’s Greatest Marksman.”  This means you can spot problems from a mile away.  When an employee or client has an issue, you can diagnose it five words into their description.  And nine times out of ten, you’re right.  This makes you amazing…and a little annoyingly accurate.  However, you do have your weaknesses too. When you are too close to a problem you don’t always see it or aren’t always the most effective at fighting it, even if it’s right in front of your face.  But on the upside, you do seem to have a personality that women find attractive and vulnerable.  Yay for you!

Got any other good Avenger vs. IT pro similarities?  Let me know!