There’s no denying smartphones and tablets are infiltrating the Enterprise.  Deloitte forecasts that smartphones, tablets and non-PC netbooks will account for more than 50 percent of all enterprise computing device sales in 2011.  As a CEO, I’m excited about the opportunities that mobile devices bring in regards to productivity and work-life flexibility.

But not so long ago, I wasn’t a CEO—I was an IT support guy.  And as an IT support guy, my enthusiasm for these new mobile devices is tempered.

The mobile platform vendors have gone to great lengths to make it easy for workers to use their technology, but haven’t made it so easy for IT departments to manage and support it.  Many of the new mobile platforms offer limited capabilities for remote device support and management, forcing IT to take a step back in their ability to help customers and employees.

Many companies, like Bomgar, have technology for managing and supporting the new mobile platforms.  (For example, our demo for Android remote support can be viewed here or below.) Unfortunately, we face OS restrictions that limit us from offering much of this functionality directly.  In response, I’ve written an Open Letter to the Makers of Mobile to urge the mobile OS owners to ease the restrictions that prevent companies from fully managing and supporting their devices.

I know many in our community are clamoring for full remote support for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and more.  We hear you, and we want the mobile OS owners to hear you too.  Please take a moment to read my letter and sign the petition to speed the availability of support and management enhancements for all mobile devices.  I hope you also encourage your colleagues and peers to do the same.