When I first started in technical support at one of the top three computer vendors, we kept defining and redefining support levels and support agreements with our external customers. We would meet quarterly and spend a great deal of time talking about how many calls were escalated. What we didn’t talk about was how much dashing around the building and calling around we did to find the right resource that could help solve the customer’s escalated issue – a network issue, an operating system issue, a business application issue, even a memory/CPU board issue. It seemed like we were always looking for the expert with our escalations.

Supporting everything felt like an elephant trying to tap dance then. Now here we are, 2010, and many reps still have to support everything, but it is so much easier with automated support tools and features, like Bomgar’s Rep Invite feature. I can only imagine how much simpler my life would have been if I’d had Rep Invite years ago.

Today for example, the Support Rep for a computer vendor, may work with 10 different hardware suppliers for their customer solution, and 99 times out of a 100, they can solve their own issue. Occasionally they do have to escalate to the hardware vendor, but they can do this behind the scenes using Bomgar’s Rep Invite. As you can see below, in this example Rep Invite is configured for the Field Engineering/Rep group.

Once configured, the Rep can easily invite the external Field Rep to resolve an issue that needs that 3rd level support, or even 2nd level. Rep Invite is used to add that resource to your customer Session, and resolve the issue without phone calls and emails.  Below you can see how to use Rep Invite from the Rep Console and the message the Field Rep would see.