This week, we announced the general availability of Bomgar 14.2, which introduces multiple enhancements for controlling and securing remote access to systems, as well as improving support technician productivity. If you haven’t had a chance to upgrade yet, or taken the time to look over all the new features and enhancements, here are a few big highlights to get you started:

  • Jump Client Access Schedule – provides more granular control over who can access which systems and when. Organizations can now set specific days and times when internal IT staff and external vendors can remotely access various systems.
  • Rep Console Device Verification – allows organizations to control where rep consoles are used. Administrators can now define and enforce which networks and on which devices the representative console may be used.
  • Wake On LAN (WOL) Support – allows technicians to remotely support computers, even when they are turned off or powered down for energy saving. By sending WOL packets to a Bomgar Jump Client, the rep can wake the computer and resolve issues without traveling on site, enabling IT to support more computers in more scenarios.

Bomgar 14.2 also introduces a number of other new features, including: Overflow Routing Rules, Multi Team Jump Client Access, Remote Registry Editor and System Information Actions, and more! Below are just a few comments from some customers who participated in the Early Adopter beta-testing program for Bomgar 14.2.

  • “The new Wake On LAN feature is one that I’m particularly excited about. We often need to access computers that have been shut down, and now we don’t have to inconvenience the end user to turn that machine back on if we need access after-hours or after they have finished their work day.” (Morrelle McCrary, CEO of RAM-Tech PC Solutions)
  • “Remote Registry Editor and System Information Actions are very significant and valuable updates for us. Providing remote support is all about keeping employees productive, and with these new features, both the support rep and the end user can get their jobs done at the same time.”  (Cam Philbeck, Senior IT Technologist at the University of Tennessee Extension)
  • “The remote support tool we used before was not as reliable, and upgrades were generally difficult to deploy, the Bomgar appliance has been great. The updates etc. have been very easy, the appliance has worked very well for us.” (Kyle Lancaster, Senior IT Technician for Commlink Communications)

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