For most companies, suffering an information security breach is no longer a question of if, but when. In addition, cyber threats toward today’s businesses can come from the inside and out. As a result, many organizations trying secure privileged access for employees or vendors focus solely on the privileged credentials or identities. But this is only half the battle. Securing the access pathways is just as crucial to protect your critical systems and data from cyber threats. The recent Deloitte breach is the latest example that points to the critical importance of securing privileged access. Administrator and other privileged accounts continue to be a key target for attackers, as they are effectively the keys to the kingdom for attackers to gain access and move laterally within a network – often undetected.

This week, Sam Elliott will be leading a session at Cyber Security Chicago, that will outline the six steps companies need to take to secure privileged access, while simultaneously improving business productivity.

Here are the session details:

The session will provide an overview of the current threat landscape, challenges with traditional Privileged Access Management, and how to balance security and productivity to drive business value. Bomgar will also be exhibiting at booth 416 October 18-19, so make sure to stop by for an exclusive look at our secure access solutions!

If you can’t make it to Chicago this week, Sam is also leading a webinar this month, which will feature the six steps. Register now to save your spot!