Many organizations trying to secure privileged access for employees or vendors focus solely on the privileged credentials or identities. But this is only half the battle. Securing the access pathways is just as crucial to protect your critical systems and data from cyber threats. We’ve talked in two previous posts about securing access first for privileged vendors and insiders as a good place to start with shoring up your organization’s security strategy. These first two steps are just part of a larger strategy that we like to call the Six Steps to Secure Access. 

So once you’ve secured privileged access, it’s time to think about passwords. Specifically, the passwords to those privileged accounts. Here is where you implement an enterprise level password vault to store the credentials needed to access critical systems and data – such as Bomgar Vault. This will not only safeguard those credentials that hackers seek, but can also help your support team(s) stay more productive and can actually make their jobs easier. 


Secure and Manage Passwords for All of Your Privileged Users

Bomgar Vault is an enterprise password vault that improves password security for privileged users and IT vendors. Whether a vendor, database or network admin, or an employee with elevated access levels, Bomgar Vault securely stores credentials and facilitates nearly any level of access to systems within your network. Vault includes credential management, secure password storage, password rotation, and credential discovery – ultimately helping you improve security and compliance across the organization.

Securing passwords is just the third step – check out this webinar for more insight on building a successful defense-in-depth strategy for protecting your organization against today’s cyber threats.