Imagine that you are at your desk and you can’t figure out why Skype for Business is picking up audio from your laptop instead of from your headphones. You submit a ticket and promptly a chat is launched from IT Support and they walk you through the steps to fix the problem.

Or maybe you are shopping online for a new pair of shoes and thinking to yourself how the sizing runs. Then magically a chat window pops up on the website with a sales person checking to see if there is anything they can help you with.

Whether it’s an IT help desk with employees, or a support center with customers, chat enables your reps to meet the customer where they are. Chat can help your service and support desks to provide a professional and personal session, all while increasing productivity.

The challenge with chat arises when organizations have implemented it in a standalone silo. When this happens, customers may have to transfer to phone support when their issues go beyond the point of text, resulting in a disjointed customer experience. But if the chat transitions directly into a screen-sharing session, or can be directly transferred to a higher tier of support, the rep can instantly see and resolve the issue while maintaining one, seamless conversation.

While this may not be new information for most, the question still remaining is: “How do I implement it?”

The upcoming webinar “Screen Sharing Worth 1000 Chats” will answer just that. I will delve into the challenges and bottlenecks of implementing chat and discuss how chat can be integrated with other solutions such as remote support, knowledge bases, CRM and more to turn your service desk into a one-stop-shop with a modern, integrated approach to support.

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