Audit and compliance regulations are regularly updated and adapted to match evolving security risks. Large breaches in the last year such as LinkedIn and Yahoo are driving more scrutiny around risk factors, and compliance organizations are tightening up security policies to ensure access to sensitive data is properly regulated and managed.

Privileged accounts and credentials are the most commonly targeted points of entry for cybercriminals and the risk surface is significantly greater than it used to be. With the rapid adoption of hybrid infrastructures, virtualization, and cloud technology, there are more privileged accounts than ever for attackers to target.

Compliance mandates and regulations stretch across a multitude of industries - whether you are looking at HIPAA for healthcare organizations, PCI for organizations managing payment systems, or NERC CIP for organizations with SCADA and industrial control systems. While all of these compliance types have different specifications according to the purpose, they all have many similar requirements when it comes to connection and network security. Bomgar groups these requirements into 3 main categories:

  • Protect the Account: Enforce password and connection policies, prevent unauthorized users from obtaining access, and verify who is accessing the system.
  • Control the Account: Set time limits for access, create granular user permissions, and grant privileged users access to only the systems they need.
  • Analyze and Audit Data: Regularly log, monitor, and audit activity to meet documentation requirements, as well as identify vulnerabilities or discrepancies in reporting.

Bomgar’s Remote Support and Privileged Access solutions support enablement of all of these categories, helping organizations to meet various compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX or NERC. Check out this Compliance Chart to learn how Bomgar can help your organization become compliant without bogging down your IT Service Desk, Support Technicians, IT Admins, and Vendors with bureaucratic and lengthy processes.