Like most IT administrators and support technicians, you spend a chunk of your day troubleshooting. Have you ever come across an incident or ticket you couldn’t solve on your own? Has the resolution of a support ticket ever been delayed because the expert who could resolve it was not there?

It may be ironic, but sometimes those of us in a role of providing support need support, too.

That’s why Bomgar includes easy options for technicians to collaborate with one another or bring in external representatives. Support managers can also offer assistance if lower-tier technicians have trouble. 

Collaborative Support Saves Money


One reason we enable collaboration is to help you reduce overhead.

You can’t afford to have your most skilled technicians field questions on the chat queue all day. They need to be working on more critical issues. And because they’re not answering chat, some tickets have to wait until the higher tier reps or other experts can get to them.

When you use Bomgar Remote Support for collaboration, however, you can cost-effectively bring in all the necessary resources to resolve an incident. Higher level experts are able to jump in and out of support issues as needed. They can even join a session from their phone or tablet and just help long enough to get the lower tier rep back on track.

Collaborating over support incidents like this creates a domino effect of savings.

First, the more expensive employees, the experts, are engaged in a non-taxing way. They can jump in and out of incidents from wherever they are, instead of driving on site, or waiting for a full transfer of the incident to their queue.

Second, because the higher tier reps can temporarily join a session being handled by first tier, you’ll resolve more in first tier. There will be fewer incidents waiting in queue and your call handling time will drop. This means savings for the business.

Finally, and this is an often overlooked cost savings, you’ll save on training costs. Think about it. When an expert jumps on a session with a first tier rep to help resolve an incident, the first tier rep is getting a free training session! Pretty soon, that first tier rep won’t need to involve the expert, which will mean more savings down the road.

If you’re curious about how to set up your support organization to enable more collaboration, give us a call. We’d love to help you find more ways to cut costs in your organization.