Bomgar's unique "access first" approach enables your organization to fight threat actors immediately and begin realizing the benefits of your security investment from day one.

Employees and vendors with remote access to systems and privileged credentials are prime targets for cyberattacks. Additionally, unsecured remote access tools have been named year after year as the leading method of compromise in data breaches. A good defense-in-depth strategy addresses both access and credentials, without sacrificing business productivity – and is one that businesses today should adopt.

As data breaches continue to happen, the threat landscape against organizations today expands. Despite being aware of the threats, most organizations still allow a myriad of internal and external parties to access their most valuable systems and data. Many are placing a lot of trust in both employees inside their business and third parties outside of it without a robust means of managing, controlling and monitoring the privileged access these individuals, teams and organizations have to their network. Even those that have some solutions and policies in place to mitigate the risk need to continually reassess if those solutions can defend against evolving threats.

Many organizations trying to secure privileged access for employees or vendors focus solely on the privileged credentials or identities. But this is only half the battle. Securing the access pathways is just as crucial to protect your critical systems and data from cyber threats. Download this free infographic, and attend this week’s webinar for more details!