Death by passwords – a common thought from technology users today. It’s now part of everyday life that anything we want access to requires a username and password. And these days, just any old password won’t do. It has to be secure, complex and not easy to guess. This often equals not being easy to remember, which then can result in defaulting to easy-to-use or “weak” passwords, and thus creates a higher risk for cyberattack. Everyone has them, and it’s safe to say, we all hate them.

Despite the rise of credential theft via phishing attacks and cyber-breaches, passwords alone are still the most common form of protection for employee accounts. Many times, these accounts are exactly what cyber criminals exploit to gain access to sensitive data and systems. Noted in the 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, “63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords.” Not only are passwords often static, too easy to guess, and prone to theft, it’s also difficult to verify who is actually using them.

These security issues with passwords are bringing two factor authentication to the spotlight, which enable a second security check beyond user name and password. Implementing this extra layer of security not only protects sensitive data and critical systems, but also verifies the user is who they say they are. Bomgar Verify* is a flexible and efficient two factor authentication solution that improves privileged access security. It is a tokenless solution, which means privileged users can leverage their existing personal devices, such as their smartphone or computer, to authenticate to critical systems. With quick deployment and flexible device options, Bomgar Verify helps organizations to dramatically improve security with minimal effort and investment.

When used in conjunction with Bomgar Privileged Access and Bomgar Vault, Bomgar Verify provides a true ‘defense in depth’ privileged access management solution that significantly reduces the threat of a data breach. Users are empowered to manage their own devices for authentication, which not only increases user satisfaction and adoption, but greatly reduces the administrative burden. In addition, Bomgar Verify can be used with Bomgar Remote Support to increase support and service desk security with enhanced authentication for vendors, support technicians, and administrators accessing remote systems.

Not only does Bomgar Verify work with our other secure access solutions, you can also authenticate your way into protecting accounts and passwords through a range of third party tools. Check out the details!

Today wraps up Cyber Security Month, so now it’s time to check out your organization’s security processes and see where they stand!

*Bomgar Verify is a native feature of Bomgar Remote Support and Privileged Access Products. Learn how you can start using it today at no extra cost.