Fear of Missing Privileges

FoMP… a term that strikes fear and uncertainty in the hearts of IT professionals, security leaders, and even auditors.

FoMP – the Fear of Missing Privileges – is "a pervasive apprehension that user accounts, privileged accounts, or assets might not be securely found or managed, creating a sense of foreboding and anxiety about insider threats and potential data breaches.”[1]

The struggle is real. And so are the consequences.

Let’s face it. A lack of visibility and control over privileged accounts, users, and assets can lead to a damaging data breach. And while that visibility often begins with a simple discovery exercise, most organizations just don’t have the ability to quickly scan their environments to determine where their biggest privilege account risks might be. So, they turn to some ad hoc discovery. But isn’t a manual discovery just perpetuating the risk?

There is a cure... and it’s free!

Today, BeyondTrust is pleased to introduce the PowerBroker Privilege Discovery and Reporting Tool (or DART, for short). The Privilege DART is a free utility that quickly finds, profiles and reports on user accounts, SSH keys, default or hard-coded passwords, assets, and more across any sized IT environment. Able to run on any desktop, the Privilege DART displays key metrics in an easy-to-read dashboard, and provides simple reporting for executive stakeholders and auditors. With the Privilege DART, security leaders have the visibility to take immediate action on their most critical privilege gaps. With Privilege DART, you can:
  • Find and profile all user and local accounts; SSH keys; and Windows and Linux groups
  • Identify privileged passwords, including default and hard-coded passwords
  • Assess password age and other key indicators of risk
  • Analyze credential, account and asset metrics
  • Generate customizable reports on accounts, keys and systems exposed to risk
  • Import scan data into PowerBroker Password Safe to improve accountability over privileged credentials

Why Privilege DART?

Comprehensive Discovery Privilege DART helps you quickly find and enumerate user accounts, all local accounts, SSH keys, Windows and Linux groups, default, and hard-coded passwords and more. Comprehensive network-based discovery reduces risk, ensuring that no accounts, users or assets are left behind. Clear Analysis Privilege DART displays high level metrics on credentials, accounts, and assets in a dashboard format for clear review and analysis by stakeholders. Report with Confidence With Privilege DART you can generate an easy-to-read customized HTML-based report displaying the accounts, keys, and systems exposed to the most risk. This helps security leaders to make informed decisions on how to immediately reduce the risks to privileged access. For further simplicity, administrators can export data from the scan into an XML file to be leveraged by other solutions, or for import into PowerBroker Password Safe. Fast Results Privilege DART is a free stand-alone download and executable that sets up and runs in minutes, with no installation required. The tool runs on any box, meaning organizations can gain immediate and recurring value from its discovery and reporting capabilities. A non-intrusive executable that does not require installation, Privilege DART does not affect target system performance and keeps your privilege data completely private.

Take control of your FoMP – before it controls you

Don’t let #FoMP control your life. Take action today. Download the PowerBroker Privilege Discovery and Reporting Tool. [1] I totally made this definition up. Looks official though, doesn’t it?