Many years ago, Bomgar made the decision to go with an appliance model. It hasn’t let us down. By packaging our solution together with all of the supporting software and hardware it needs, we can do more to ensure the stability, security, and orangeness of our product’s deployment. When we give Symantec access to our product after major releases to perform a security assessment, they have insight into a much higher percentage of the risk variables than if Bomgar used a software only model installed on independent server environments.

So the appliance is not just another box. It’s the ideal operating environment for a remote support solution that includes all of the necessary operating components and has been pre-hardened before it hits your rack. But in other ways, it IS just another box. It requires power and cooling. It has a CPU, a hard drive, RAM, a power supply, and all of the other stuff you would expect inside. And like other physical things, the parts that make up the whole sometimes fail. We have models with built-in hardware redundancy and also offer options for failover to a backup appliance. But what you’ve told us is that, like all of your other (less cool) boxes, you would like to know immediately, if not beforehand, if the box is having problems.
For your other boxes, SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) kept coming up as the solution of choice. So in 10.5, we are adding support for SNMP so that the Bomgar Box can be tracked just like your other boxes. And when you bring the new part to swap out if something fails, our orange box has the added advantage of being easy to spot in your datacenter.

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