Last week, SANS Instructor, Dave Shackleford, posted a blog 'The Truth about Max OS X Security in the Enterprise". And earlier this week hosted a live webinar on the same topic. If you missed it, here is a quick expert and recording, to read and watch at your leisure.

In the last several years, Mac administrators have come to realize that they may be just as vulnerable to exploits and malware as most other operating systems. New malware and adware is released all the time, and there have been serious vulnerabilities patched by Apple in the past several years, some of which may afford attackers full control of your systems. Unfortunately, Macs have traditionally had a “default admin” posture which grants users full administrative control of the system at all times, which could lead to devastating consequences in environments using numerous Mac systems (and Mac adoption is growing rapidly).

So what can we do about this? Can we properly manage the privilege levels of Mac systems to allow users without admin privileges to get their jobs done? With minimal tools and options available, this has been difficult, if not impossible in enterprise environments. That’s changing, however, and the time is now to find out how you can better control Macs in your environment. Watch now to learn more. If you're interested in least privilege access for Mac OS X in your enterprise, contact us today.