As mentioned in a blog post earlier this week, SANS Instructor Dave Shackleford joined us for a live webinar — Privileged Account Management: The Time is Now. This webinar is now available on demand, here's a quick excerpt:

In 2015, we've seen yet another incident of privileged account misuse in the OPM breach that is currently being investigated. Is this Groundhog Day? Why do we keep seeing this problem surface over and over again in major breaches and hacking scenarios? With the year halfway over, let's focus and look at ways to get this under control before the end of 2015.

In this webinar, SANS Instructor and Founder of Voodoo Security, Dave Shackleford, will revisit several hacking and breach scenarios that involved privileged accounts, and use these as examples while discussing tools and tactics to get this problem under control once and for all.