BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe 6.4 features some exciting enhancements around privileged session management and adaptive workflow, and password management, giving users unmatched levels of security, accountability, and control while continuing our commitment to usability and simplicity. Here are some highlights of new features:

Streamlined User Interface and Localized Languages

PowerBroker Password Safe now has a single interface for users, administrators, and auditors alike. Improved contextual navigation allows admins to quickly jump from configuration to managing account properties to releasing sessions, in an instant. The Password Safe user portal and menu have additionally been localized into Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese. This new, intuitive interface makes it even easier for users to quickly navigate through the application.

Execute Tasks En Masse Using Multi-Select Option

To help IT administrators streamline operational functions, PowerBroker Password Safe version 6.4 lets administrators filter and select managed accounts to perform tasks like:
  • Managed account deletion – removing accounts in bulk
  • Bulk password change – Instantly schedule mass password changes in the event of emergencies
  • Bulk unlinking – Remove all linked systems from a managed Active Directory Account

Create Ad hoc Groups of Managed Accounts to Improve Scalability

PowerBroker Password Safe version 6.4 includes a new Quick Groups feature, which allows administrators to create ad hoc groups of managed accounts in seconds. These groups may be used in exactly the same manner as Smart Groups, for access control.

Protect Privileged Session Privacy with Auto Disconnect and Auto Logoff

Often it is necessary to log a user out of a running session when the session time expires. PowerBroker Password Safe Version 6.4 adds auto log-off capability, selectable via Access Policy. Additionally, for cases where users may be accidentally disconnected from the session proxy and potentially sensitive information may be exposed in the RDP session to the next user, a new ‘Log-off on disconnect’ option is now available in the access policy. To help Admins know when their sessions will be logged out, a new countdown timer overlay displays in the top left corner of a running RDP session, and on the window title bar of an active SSH session.

Maintain Productivity with Remote Proxy Selection

Often, in large distributed installations, network latency can slow down performance of either a remote web portal, or remote proxy. PowerBroker Password Safe 6.4 allows organizations to enjoy the best of both worlds, and have users choose a portal that is performant, and then identify a Session Management Proxy that provides the fastest connection to any given managed resource. Password Safe Worker Nodes may be configured independently for easy identification, and default assignment to specific sets of managed resources. There are over 200 enhancements and new features in this release of PowerBroker Password Safe. Check out the new features document for a complete rundown, and if you would like to learn more about PowerBroker Password Safe, let us know!