Today’s healthcare organizations are managing technology driven environments and dispersed networks, while trying to protect patients from targeted cyberattacks and following strict compliance regulations, such as HIPAA. Healthcare organizations need to be able to access and support systems, applications, devices, doctors, and medical staff across different locations quickly and reliably. But they also must secure a significant amount of sensitive patient data and information stored on their network, which makes them an attractive target for cybercriminals.


Bomgar keeps pace with busy help desk

One of Bomgar’s customers is a business in the healthcare industry with approximately 3,000 employees in the United States and Canada and 150 office locations. The organization uses Bomgar regularly to support users and access systems in the company’s various office locations.

The demographics of the company’s workforce ranges from millennials, who in general are very computer savvy, to older employees who often have little experience with computers and other electronic devices. Many of these employees are involved with data entry and commonly perform tasks such as scanning and printing documents. The company operates a virtual private network environment and the majority of employees log into virtual desktops to do their work. The Director of IT Customer Support used Bomgar previously, and based on that success chose Bomgar Remote Support with a virtual appliance deployment.

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I see Bomgar as more than a remote support solution. It supports so many things, from security to training to our ability as an IT team to collaborate. Security is a top priority for Bomgar, and I appreciate that.

Director of IT Customer Support

Being in the healthcare industry, data security is a very important concern for the organization. The company routinely accesses medical records and, as a result, takes numerous measures to comply with HIPAA. Bomgar’s advanced security features support those measures, including advanced encryption, audit logs and recordings of sessions.

Bomgar does more than just remote support

The company has grown rapidly over the past several years through multiple acquisitions. In the future, they plan to use Bomgar to control vendor access to the company’s network environment. Bomgar will be used to enable vendors to more efficiently perform systems management or customer support while the company granularly controls the vendor’s connectivity, including what systems the vendors can access to what permissions they have once connected. Additionally reports and session video recordings will make it possible to monitor and review every action taken by the vendors.

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