This time last year we began a new tradition of creating a Bomgar March Madness bracket based upon some not so ESPN-like criteria. With more than 500 universities worldwide using Bomgar to support their network infrastructure, faculty and staff on an ever increasing number of operating systems and devices, we decided to look at how many of the 64 best teams in college basketball  are Bomgar customers. This year, that number has risen to over 50%!

Using the same criteria we set in place last year to create our Bomgar Bracket, the rules are as follows:

1. If one team is a Bomgar customer and the other team isn’t, the Bomgar customer wins.
2. If both or neither teams are Bomgar customers, whichever team has orange in their team colors wins (did you expect anything else?!).
3. If both teams are Bomgar customers and both or neither have orange in their team colors, the school that has been a Bomgar customer the longest advances.
4. If neither team is a Bomgar customer, and both or neither have orange in their team colors, the school that is located closest to our headquarters (Orange Central!) in Jackson, Mississippi, heads to the next round.

And here is how our bracket turned out:

This makes our predicted winner Oklahoma State University! They have been a Bomgar customer since 2005 and have plenty of orange going on!

Share your thoughts below on our stellar predictions below, or let us know if you have any out of the ordinary ways of selecting your Bracket.