There is no doubt that with the influx of wider connectivity and cloud adoption, ensuring secure network access is challenging. Weak or shared passwords among privileged users, the lack of a password policy or lack of enforcement, and limited training or framework to protect accounts have contributed in the past to major data breaches.

All considered, passwords are ultimately ineffective if the privileged user is the hacker. Managing privileged users within your organization is one of the most difficult yet most important security functions IT can undertake.

In order to protect against an insider breach, insecure password practices, or to improve the overall security profile of the organization, implementing a multifactor technology as well as a password vaulting solution is essential. Bomgar Vault helps companies secure, manage, and administer shared credentials for privileged users and IT vendors, and manage and rotate passwords for privileged accounts to improve security and compliance. Features include:

  • Storage and rotation of passwords: Every privileged user should have his or her own individual credentials. Replacing simple or shared login credentials is an initiative that requires little effort but is rarely enforced within an organization. With Bomgar Vault, all passwords are securely stored and are regularly validated and rotated to ensure safety and user security.
  • Easily identify and find privileged credentials: Administrators are able to identify potentially non-compliant credentials and close the door to attackers. Making sure privileged users only have access to the systems they need is also very important. If credentials fall into the wrong hands, but all privileged users’ access points have been audited, it is less likely that the hacker will have wide open access to systems.
  • Integration with access solutions: Credential Injection paired with Bomgar Remote Support or Privileged Access enables secure and seamless access to privileged accounts. Whether a help desk technician or a third-party vendor, Bomgar Vault enables users to have the temporary elevated privilege they need for a task while enforcing access parameters, thoroughly logging session activity, and eliminating the threat of exposing plain text passwords among users.

With Bomgar, organizations can provide administrators, vendors, and business users with the access capabilities they need to be more productive, while protecting high value infrastructure, assets, and applications from cyberattacks. The addition of native password management and vaulting capabilities means users don’t need to know or share passwords, which can help a company reduce its security risks and protect access to critical systems.