Halloween is tomorrow, but here at Bomgar we know there is more to the holiday than spooky surprises and haunting tales. Halloween has a lighter side too, filled with the ridiculous and hilarious. Take a moment to consider the absurd things Halloween allows… there isn’t a single other time of the year when an adult can throw a bed sheet over their head and declare that they’re a ghost, wear fake blood in public or attempt to frighten young children repeatedly. Nor is there another time of the year when fairy wings and witch’s hats are reasonable accessories. 

And while we may not agree on whether vampires, Star Wars characters or comic book legends make for the best costumes, there is one thing we can all agree on: the variety of requests that the IT help desk encounters on a day-to-day basis can sometimes reflect the craziness of Halloween.

With the lighter side of Halloween in mind, we recently polled our Insider community asking them to share the most ridiculous and laughable IT tickets they’ve received.

Looking through the responses, it’s clear that some end-users think that the IT help desk is actually comprised of witches, warlocks and wizards. Here are a few of our favorites, most hilarious requests:

  • My computer’s not turning on…  This seemingly serious request was a frequent most ridiculous request in our poll. The culprit? More often then not, the device in question was not plugged in or there was no power to the building.
  • Who says the boss is all work and no play? One team received a request to install a Nerf gun into the ceiling tiles of the office so that the boss could gently remind people to get back to work.
  • Are you in charge of the microwave? Elevator? Requests to ban the heating of certain potent foods such as onions fall into the list of ridiculous (high priority) requests. Another request asked for the elevator to be sped up. If it’s got electricity it’s an IT issue – at least that’s how some end users see it.
  • Let’s work offline, but in the cloud. Funny, that sounds like a million-dollar idea from someone who knows nothing about the cloud.
  • IT Help Desk Babysitting Services? When the motto is the IT help desk can take on nearly any challenge some people might take it too literally. One service desk team received a laughable request for lunch-time babysitting services.

As every IT help desk staffer can tell you, It’s only a matter of time before someone submits a request for something….let’s say, interesting. What’s the most humorous request your team has ever received? Share your story below. We’d love to hear about it!