resource-integrate-mcafee-epo We are excited that BeyondTrust will join the Intel Security Innovation Alliance (SIA). Under the SIA program, BeyondTrust will integrate our market-leading PowerBroker for Windows and PowerBroker Password Safe products with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). This partnership will allow customers to meet their least privilege needs, combat threats and assure compliance all from a single console; with an upcoming enhancement of securing privileged access to sensitive and critical systems. Let’s take a look at why this integration is important for our customers.

Lack of Integration Between Security Tools = Unnecessary Risk and Time to Resolution

When a data breach happens it’s usually as a result of the misuse or abuse of excessive user privileges (and, by the way, I’ve heard that 86% of users have too much access). What normally happens is that IT investigates the source of the breach looking for anomalous behavior, enhances endpoint protection and removes admin rights so that attacks such as these cannot gain a beachhead on important assets. The challenge is, this oftentimes requires multiple tools that don’t talk to one another. And that leads to complexity and wasted time to find and fix and problem.

BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker for Windows will Fully Integrate with McAfee ePO to Provide a Unified Approach to Least Privilege and Endpoint Security

PowerBroker for Windows integration with McAfee ePO provides a unified approach to least privilege access, optimizing the effectiveness of an organizations entire security infrastructure by linking security threats to privileged access based on policy. McAfee ePO IntegrationAdmins can centrally manage least privilege policies from within the ePO console. We see a few use cases where this integration will play out:
  • Providing a lightweight client that integrates with the existing environment to perform the functions of least privilege.
  • Providing a single management platform for event, policy and reporting of privileged events.
  • Enabling the removal of administrative rights and credentials without impacting the end user’s workflow.
  • Protecting against keystroke loggers and password stealing techniques like Pass-the-Hash using a least privileged client to perform application elevation.
  • Auditing and reporting all privileged and requested privileged activity.
Below is a high-level representation of how the interaction between PowerBroker and ePO works. mcafee epo integration With the increasing volume of privilege based attacks security professionals are doing everything they can to keep up. Combining best of breed products from Intel/McAfee and BeyondTrust gives your team the tools they need. For more on this important integration, check out the short demo video, or download the integration technical brief or data sheet. If you are using ePO today, and want the control over least privilege that PowerBroker offers, contact us today!