Today is Employee Appreciation Day—an annual event of the past twenty years for bosses to recognize their workers. While some may do so by bringing in snacks or encouraging people to sign off early, a recent survey from Kronos points to a simpler, and more effective, reward: “thank you.” More than half of the study’s respondents said that receiving thanks from their direct manager gave them a high sense of satisfaction at work.

This is valuable feedback for managers across departments, but arguably particularly important in the service desk environment. IT pros go above and beyond on a daily basis to keep the business running. Traditional activities like system updates or password resets are certainly part of this, but today’s IT pros are tasked with so much more. And in our always-on environment, these responsibilities are increasingly extending beyond the traditional 9-5.

Below are just a few examples from some of our customers:


Can’t come into work? Let work come to you! As customer Glen Pitchford puts it: “We had a team leader who required surgery to fix a back problem. He was restricted to bed for a couple of weeks to recover, so I took his desktop to his house and configured it with VPN and WiFi so that he could get a bit of work done… He felt more productive and we benefitted from his continuing input while he was home.”

Pinch Hitter

IT pros don’t have the luxury of substitute players. When their assistance is needed they have to step up to the plate—even if it interferes with their ability to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. This is a situation with which Gary is familiar: “There have been numerous times I had to give up a night out due to some server issue. Like the time I was halfway to Atlanta to see the Braves play, and I get a call ‘email is down,’ so I sigh, turn around, and drive back to town…”

Tech Owl

Sometimes giving end-users peace of mind during the day requires IT pros to burn the midnight oil. To quote Brandon: “Co-worker called me up in the middle of the night with a ‘dire' laptop issue. Ended up driving over to her home, only to find out it was a simple ctrl+alt+delete solution. Drove home tired, but glad I could save another technophobe from a night of panic.”

As these and other customer anecdotes highlight, today’s IT pros do whatever it takes but their contributions are infrequently appreciated. That’s why it falls to the supervisors of these unsung heroes to recognize their hard work—today, and throughout the year.

So please join us in offering a heartfelt “thank you” to all those on the frontlines. In addition, we’d love to hear examples of how your team demonstrates its commitment to IT support in the comments below!