A Bomgar 12.3 Feature Preview

Today we're excited to preview another new feature coming soon in Bomgar 12.3: Intelligent Collaboration. For more details about this and other features in Bomgar 12.3, check out www.bomgar.com/12-3/.

hero-sm-bomgar-whitepaper-support-swarming.pngBefore jumping into the feature itself, I want to give some context. Intelligent Collaboration is part of Bomgar's solution to a larger issue for support organizations: How do you match the support reps, whose skills vary, to the support issues that need them without bogging down your higher level support reps?

We want to help support organizations break down the walls between tiers and embrace a more collaborative approach to support, pulling in the right people with the right skills to swarm around issues as soon as they occur.

If you're interested in that context, please download our new free whitepaper, Swarming around Support Issues Boosts Productivity and Satisfaction (pdf).


What is Intelligent Collaboration?

With Intelligent Collaboration a frontline rep who needs assistance during a remote support session can broadcast a request for help from other reps based on skills defined within Bomgar.

Previously, support reps had to select a specific rep or team to invite them into a session. With Intelligent Collaboration, reps now simply create a help request, and Bomgar routes it to the next available rep that has the same skills that are associated with the issue. After receiving the request, the expert can immediately join the remote session and begin helping with the issue.

By enabling a frontline rep to immediately pull in an expert with the right skillset for a particular issue, Intelligent Collaboration helps to reduce escalation rates, increase first contact resolution, and improve the end-user's overall experience. It's especially useful for large organizations with disparate groups that have to work together to provide end-user support.