“Remote access and security have always been diametrically opposing forces,” according to a new InformationWeek article published this week.  We agree that security is a critical concern when it comes to remote support, which is why we’re focused on delivering the most secure solution on the market.  In the article, InformationWeek outlines the top nine dangers that come with unfettered remote access, along with mitigation tips for each.  A few of the dangers they address:
#1: Running afoul of compliance regulations
#4: An inability to audit remote user and remote support staff activity
#9: Someone on your support staff, using his administrative rights, is stealing sensitive data, remotely

You can check out the remaining dangers and guidance for handling each in, “Informed CIO: Remote Control: 9 Steps to Ensuring Access, Safely.” (Disclaimer: Bomgar is a sponsor.)

What do you think?  Are there additional concerns or mitigation tips you would add to the list?