The holidays may be behind us but the spirit of the season lives on in many ways—not the least of which is gifts. Maybe you extended your celebrations by playing with your new iPad during your morning commute, or perhaps you’re anticipating the weekend and the chance to give your new golf clubs a whirl. Whatever your favorite gift may be, hopefully it will keep you feeling festive throughout 2015!

Of course, the holidays aren’t the only occasion for gift-giving. IT pros often receive recognition throughout the year for a job well done, generally in the form of treats, gift cards or other awesome goodies. There is, however, an exception to every rule. 

With that in mind, we recently polled our Bomgar Blog readers to learn more about the quirkiest, most unconventional gifts they received as a “thank you” for their hard work. Our customers never let us down. Some of the usual suspects appeared dressed as imposters, such as:

  • Gift Cards – Well almost… partially used gift cards or gift card holders with no gift cards in them aren’t quite the same.
  • Fruit cake disguised as “Holiday Cake" – You can’t fool us!
  • Chocolate – Everybody loves chocolate, unless it expired two years ago.

But the strangest and worst gifts the community received include:

  • A Christmas tie with small flashing lights that plays "We wish you a merry Christmas" music when the bottom is touched
  • A slightly used “Danish modern” couch filled with spiders
  • A can of SPAM for reconfiguring a spam filter to work correctly
  • A framed 5x7 ultrasound image of a colonoscopy
  • The bell from a game called "Pit!" It was orange and supposed to signal the beginning and end of commodities "trading." Not the game, not the box, just the orange bell
  • A gallon tub of nacho cheese dip
  • Old broken computers and parts
  • A kitten

As the old adage says, it’s the thought that counts, however, it’s hard not to question the intentions behind some of these “gifts!” If you’re an end-user, we hope you’ve taken notes on what not to give an IT pro for all of their hard work. They go above and beyond on a daily basis to make sure you’ve got the tools to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Why not treat them with a gift worthy of their efforts?

And a few questions for you IT pros out there. Think you can top these gifts? Get anything particularly quirky this holiday season? We’d love to hear more about the strange and amusing gifts you received this year in the comments below!