Managed Service Providers It is not often a new technology can be offered that enables a business to change their business model, offer new services, and grow their profits with a first-to-market technology. While Forrester recognized BeyondTrust in 2016 as a leader in Privileged Identity Management Wave, all of the other technologies in the space are offered on premise or as a cloud solution by the individual contributors.

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BeyondTrust is Breaking That Mold

BeyondTrust is proud to announce BeyondInsight as the first privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM) solution to be enabled for complete Managed Service Provider (MSP) deployments utilizing PowerBroker and Retina technology. This first-to-market solution enables managed services for:
  • Anytime, anywhere secure access by anyone
  • Auditing and reporting on privileged activity across any asset or application
  • Cycling employee and third party passwords, including for applications, operating systems, cloud resources, and databases
  • Secured third party access for contractors and temporary employees
  • Secured network management devices and critical infrastructure
  • Secured privileged elevation across all major platforms from Unix and Linux, to Windows, and Mac OS
  • Vulnerability assessment, regulatory reporting, and remediation
msp-diagram-1024x492 The BeyondTrust MSP solution enables management and reporting across multiple applications, cloud instances, and clients.

Complete Solution for MSPs

This platform is designed to be implemented in an MSP’s datacenter, or in the cloud, to provide a cost effective and secure solution for managing a client’s assets and users. The solution comes complete with a management interface for MSP’s to manage clients by Organization, schedule critical reports for client consumption, and specialized licensing reports to aid with accounts payable and receivable. The implementation uses commercial off the shelf (COTS) operating systems and databases, and can be deployed as software, appliance, virtual machine, or even as a cloud image from common marketplaces, like Amazon. This enables an MSP to architect the solution (a complete Architecture Guidelines Document will be provided to assist with the design) based on their current infrastructure, future offerings, and with minimal outlay to achieve profitability as soon as possible.


MSP’s can start with a single host and scale the solution with additional assets to meet the needs of your clients as you expand the offering. BeyondTrust has considered this in the design of the MSP architecture in the form of platform Roles. Roles allow BeyondInsight components to be configured separately, enabled or disabled, and scale the technology among multiple assets for security, remote networks, and data isolation.

Benefits of Partnering With the Leader

The BeyondTrust Managed Service Provider program enables partners using a cloud-based services model (whether located in their datacenter or a third-party cloud provider) to design and architect BeyondTrust solutions for privileged access management or vulnerability management as a service. With this offering, partners can:
  • Deliver new value-added services to their customers, growing their footprint and revenue
  • Gain a single web-based management console to manage their portfolio of privilege and vulnerability offerings
  • Integrate their privilege and vulnerability solutions with leading IAM, SIEM, GRC and systems management tools to deliver integrated services to their clients
  • Maintain a flexible single instance or multi-tenant deployment to match the scale and demands of their diverse customer base
  • Support physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS applications from a single (or multiple) MSP installed environment
With this integrated offering, MSP partners have a foundation to profitably grow their security services. For more information on how BeyondTrust can help your MSP be the first to market with privileged access management and vulnerability management, download our white paper, Enabling Privileged Access & Vulnerability Management in a managed services environment.

Become a BeyondTrust MSP partner and start providing your customers with privileged access management as a service. Register now to become a certified MSP Partner. If you’re a current partner, email our visit the Partner Portal for information.